How to level fast! Tips that can help anyone.

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This guide is intended to give you tips on how to level fast, without FORCING you to grind or do quests you don't want to do. Let's start with some basic tips:

Leveling early levels
You might not think this now if you are new to the game, but leveling earlier levels really does not require any special guide. From level 1-10 or so, your starting area should provide lots of easy quests that will take no time at all to do. If you still do not ding 10, just grind on some mobs until you do.

Once you ding 10, you should move on the next area. For example, from Mulgore to the crossroads (Tauren). From durotar to Barrens, from Elywnn forest to Westfall, etc. Earlier levels have enough easy, yellow quests to do to keep you occupied. If not, just grind. Earlier levels is really the only time I grind full levels.

Leveling later levels
Levling later levels gets trickier. Grinding is usually boring and slow. Therefore, you should focus on 80-90% questing and 10-20% grinding. Alliance typically has more quests than Horde, but this shouldn't slow you down much if you play horde.

Here is how I level later levels:

1) Collect quests from areas that have mobs my level (At level 33, shimmering flats for example).


3) Move on to the next area and do quests that are green and yellow. Repeat this process.

4) Now, when you run out of quests your level, and all your quests are red, go out and do an instance. Lots of people say instances are wastes of time, but from experience I can say they give lots of exp and are MUCH more fun than grinding. And besides, you get cool blue and epic gear!

5) When you find an instance that gives substantial EXP in a short time, go ahead and repeat it until you ding. Even if you have all the good gear, you can still get exp and money from vendor trash. Use the "Looking for More" tool built-in, or ask some of your friends you met earlier from other instances.

6) When you are sick of instancing, go out and grind a little. I'm not telling you to grind a full level, just grind as much as you can (and do quests while you are grinding if possible). This gives you a nice break from instancing!

7) If you can get a group QUICKLY, go ahead and do group quests. I don't normally do group quests though unless they give good rewards (like "Job Opening: Guard Captain of Raventusk Village.")

Cool Explore your unknown areas (if you are handy an unknown area). This doesn't give much EXP, but it's very easy to get.

9) Until you get your mount, kill every monster on your way if they are easy to kill. Don't waste your time bringing down a orange (or a grey, they don't give exp).

General Leveling Tips (does not matter which level)

1) Professions take a large amount of time, so if possible try to avoid them unless you do not mind taking time for them.

2) Don't waste your talent points. I'm not telling you how to make your character, but if you spec your druid in restoration for example, you are not going to level very quickly. Also, don't spend talent points randomly in all 3 lines.

3) Don't waste time going to a major city to train if the skills you will learn aren't that great. Check or a similar site every two levels to see what you will learn.

4) Don't waste your time going to Auction House every time your bag is full or something. Just mail the stuff you can sell to an alt that is IN a major city.

5) ALWAYS try to logout in an inn or city. 200% exp is a blessing in every way.

6) Don't turn in your quest just because you've finished it. Wait until you have a lot of quests done and need to turn them ALL in. This not only saves time, but also gives you one giant chunk of exp that will make you feel pretty good about.

7) Get add-ons. They save time.

and finally, Cool Have fun. If you are not enjoying grinding or instancing, chances are you won't focus enough to get any real exp. Turn on some music, take a break, or get a coffee Smiling.