Bloodbane's Tirisfal Leveling Guide Part I (1-13) [Undead]

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Howdy guys, this is me leveling guide for da horde.
I don't know why, but I somehow felt like writing one, or at least starting to write one, and this is it.

It's based on leveling as fast as possible as an undead.

The class I used in this guide is warrior.

I "tried" to use Jame's style of writing, however this is more the version of Bigger, Longer and Uncut, I'd say, anyway.

Have fun and g'd luck!
Level 1:

You’ll start out in Shadow Grave which is a part of the undead starting area called Tirisfal Glades.
Walk up the stairs and get the quest Rude Awakening from Undertaker Mordo.
Run north until you reach Deathknell.
Enter the church at your left and turn in Rude Awakening at Shadow Priest Sarvis.
Get the follow-up The Mindless Ones from Shadow Priest Sarvis.

Now start killing the Mindless and Wretched Zombies just north of the church. Kill the 8 of each, while killing you should be level 2.

Level 2:

Keep on killing them until you are 170 xp away from level 3 and completed the quest.
Go back to Shadow Priest Sarvis and turn in the quest The Mindless Ones.
This will make you ding level 3.

Level 3:

Now get the following quests:

Your class quest from Shadow Priest Sarvis.
Rattling the Rattlecages from Shadow Priest Sarvis.
The Damned from Novice Elreth.

Sell/Repair in the house at the other side of the road and turn in your class quest.
Also when turning it in, learn your new skill(s) for level 2.

Now go west of Deathknell and start killing the Duskbats and Young Scavengers.
Keep on killing these until you’ve completed The Damned.
After that, go back to the north part of Deathknell and start killing the 12 Rattlecage Skeletons.
Remember: Don’t stop killing if there are no more Skeletons, kill some Zombies in meanwhile.

Keep on killing the Skeletons/Zombies until you have reached level 4 and you have completed Rattling the Rattlecages.
I killed about 3 or 4 zombies before I leveled and finished the quest.

Level 4:

After completing both quests go back to the church and:

Turn in The Damned at Novice Elreth and get the follow-up Marla’s Last Wish.
Turn in Rattling the Rattlecages at Shadow Priest Sarvis.

Go outside the church and get Scavenging Deathknell from Deathguard Saltain on your left.
Get Night Web’s Hollow from Executor Arren across the road.

Sell/Repair at the house next to him and get your new spells for level 4.

Search the houses behind the fence in Deathknell for Scavenged Goods, they look like a pile of boxes, you need 6 of those for Scavenging Deathknell. The tag Equipment Boxes when you mouse-over them though.
After getting the 6 boxes more north until you reach a little camp with some “named” mobs. (At location 36,61)
There, kill Samuel Fipps, or the other mobs when you have to wait for his respawn. We have to kill him for Marila’s Last Wish. Pick up Samuel’s Remains from him.
When you’ve done that, move west until you reach Night Web’s Hollow, (28,58).
Kill all the Young Night Web Spider’s outside.
You will need to kill 10 for the quest.
When done with that, or while waiting on respawns, go inside the cave and kill 8 Night Web Spiders.
Then go out of the cave and kill the remaining Young Night Web Spiders until you’ve completed Night Web’s Hollow.
After that run back to Deathknell and go to the graveyard and find Marla’s Grave. Which is just north of the church. “Use” it and get the complete message of Marla’s Last Wish.

Now turn in:

Scavenging Deathknell at Deathguard Saltain.
Night Web’s Hollow at Executor Arren and get the follow-up The Scarlet Crusade.
I hit level 5 after delivering this quest.

Level 5:

Turn in Marla’s Last Wish at Novice Elreth.


Then move out east to the Scarlet camp, start killing all Scarlet Mobs until you’ve got 12 Scarlet Armbands.
After completing The Scarlet Crusade run back to Deathknell.

Turn in The Scarlet Crusade at Executor Arren and get the follow-up The Red Messenger.

Now go back to the Scarlet camp and kill Meven Korgal who’s at the most south tent.
Loot his Scarlet Crusade Documents. If you have to wait for his spawn, kill some other scarlets first for experience.
After you’ve completed the quest grind more scarlet mobs until you are 675 exp or less away from level 6. At that point, go back to Deathknell and

Turn in The Red Messenger at Executor Arren and get the follow-up Vital Intelligence. This will make you ding level 6.

Sell/Repair in the house next to him and learn your new class spells at your trainer.

Level 6:

Follow the road north-east until you reach Calvin Montague, get A Rogue’s Deal from him.
Keep on following the road north-east until the road splits, talk to Deathguard Simmer there and get the quest Fields of Grief.
Take the road left and go to the Solliden Farmstead. When arrived there, get 10 Tirisfal Pumpkin out of the big pumpkins at the farm.
You need to kill the farmers sometimes to access the pumpkins.

After completing the quest go back east until you’re back on the road.
Keep following the road east until you reach Brill.
While running to Brill, find Gordo somewhere on the road, he’s big, you’ll notice him, and get the quest Gordo’s Task.
Continue your road to Brill and collect any Gloom Weed you can find on your way there. Gloom Weed is a purple-like plant.
Note: It’s not needed to get 3 already. It’s just a bonus for later.

When entering Brill accept the quest A Putrid Task from Deathguard Dillinger on your left.


Turn in Fields of Grief at Apothecary Johaan and get the follow-up Fields of Grief.
Also get the quest A New Plague from Apothecary Johaan.
Turn in Vital Intelligence at Executor Zygand.
Get the quest At War With The Scarlet Crusade from Executor Zygand.
Use the “Wanted!” poster behind him and get the quest Wanted: Maggot Eye.
Enter the big house next to him and get the quest Graverobbers from Magistrate Sevren.
Go to the inn.
Turn in A Rogue’s Deal at Innkeeper Renee.
Talk to her again and “Make this inn your home”.
Go down to the basement and turn in Fields of Grief at Captured Scarlet Zealot.

Sell/Repair and then move out to the west.
Note: From now on, kill every Darkhound you see on your way and get every Gloom Weed until the quests are completed.
Follow the road until you hit Cold Hearth Manor.
There, kill the Ravaged Corpses and Rotting Dead until you’ve got 7 Putrid Claws for the quest A Putrid Task.
Note: They are also around the farm, if the ones ON the farm are all dead.
After completing A Putrid Task go west, back to Solliden Farmstead.
I dinged level 7 while killing the Darkhounds on my way there.

Level 7:

When I reached Solliden Farmstead, I had completed Gordo’s Task and A New Plague already by killing all Darkhounds and looting all Gloom Weed on your way there.
When you’re reached Solliden Farmstead, kill 10 Scarlet Warriors to complete At War With The Scarlet Crusade. These Scarlet Warriors are north and west of the actual `farm`.
Beware of pulling too much at once, they are sometimes hard to notice and your an easy pray at this level.
When you´re done killing the 10 Scarlet Warriors and you´ve completed At War With The Scarlet Crusade, you will have to grind the Scarlet mobs there until you are 1890 or less xp away from level 8. Which will take around 45 kills more.

1: When you´ve already completed Gordo´s Task and A New Plague, hearthstone to Brill.
2: When you haven´t finished those 2 quests, go east and finish ´em in the forest. Then hearthstone once your ready.

After you´ve arrived in Brill, get the two quests from Coleman Farthing next to you, Deaths in the Family and The Haunted Mills.
Don´t take the quest from Gretchen Dedmar, The Chill of Death, because it´s a waste of time.
Then go outside the inn, turn in At War With The Scarlet Crusade at Executor Zygand and get the follow-up with the same name, At War With The Scarlet Crusade.
Now go to Apothecary Johaan and turn in A New Plague, get the follow-up, A New Plague.
Go more west until you meet Deathguard Dillinger and turn in A Putrid Task, get the follow-up The Mills Overrun. Then go a bit to the north and speak to Junior Apothecary Holland at the Brill Graveyard and turn in Gordo´s Task, this should make you ding level 8. Accept the follow-up Doom Weed and run back to Brill.

Level 8:

Go learn your new class spells.
Sell and Repair and:

Get the quest Proof of Demise from Deathguard Burgess.

After that, go south-west until you reach a big tower with Scarlet mobs around it, (51, 68), when there, do the quests At War With The Scarlet Crusade and Proof of Demise by killing 3 Scarlet Zealots outside the tower, Captain Perrine inside and 3 Scalet Missionary’s behind the tower. Keep grinding them until you’ve comleted both quests, because for Proof of Demise you need Scarlet Insignia Rings which drop from all of the Scarlet mobs there, you need 10 of those.

You can see it as a little grinding session, grind the Scarlet Insignia Rings until you’ve completed it and are 1800 or less exp from leveling.

Now, we are done here, move out to the north and a slight west. You’ve got to go to the left of the Mountains in the north of the land, this place is called Agamand Mills.

Once you’ve arrived there, this is what we’re going to do here.

Note: While killing here you might find A Letter to Yvette, it’s a quest item which you start by right-clicking on it and accepting the quest. If you’ve found the Letter, keep it.

The Mills Overrun: Kill every Darkeye Bonecaster that you see, you’ll need to get 3 Blackened Skull’s from them. Also kill all Rattlecage Soldiers until you’ve got 5 of their Notched Ribs.

The Haunted Mills: You need to kill Devlin Agamand. He’s mostly around (47,40), and loot his Devlin’s Remains.

Deaths in the Family.
These 3 guys are all at or around the Agamand Mills. I found Thurman Amagand at (43,41). And I found Gregor Agamand at (44,30). And lats but not least, Nissa Amagand at (49, 36), at the entrance of the house.

You should now be very close to leveling or already be level 9 at this moment.

Level 9:

Hearthstone back to Brill.

Turn in Deaths In The Family and The Haunted Mills at Coleman Farthing behind you and get the follow-up Speak with Sevren.

Also deliver A Letter Undelivered to Yvette Farthing if you’ve got to loot the “A Letter To Yvette” quest earlier.

Now go outside the Inn and turn in Proof of Demise at Deathguard Burgess and At War With The Scarlet Crusade at Executor Zygand close to him. Get the follow-up of At War With The Scarlet Crusade.
Enter Brill Town Hall and talk to Magistrate Sevren.
Note: This is only if you have found the A Letter To Yvette earlier.
Turn in the Speak with Sevren and accept the quest The Family Crypt.

Go outside and move west and turn in the quest The Mills Overrun at Deathguard Dillinger.
You’re not supposed to be able of getting the follow-up yet.

Sell/Repair and get ready for the next round.

Go north of Brill, this time at the east side of the Mountains.

Follow the road and you’ll eventually reach at place with alot of Rot Hide Graverobbers, you need to kill 8 of these for the quest Graverobbers and besides that, loot 10 Doom Weed from the ground, it’s again the purple-like plant, we need them for the quest Doom Weed.
The Graverobbers give you a curse that gives –2 spirit, don’t bother about it.
Also loot every Embalming Ichor there, we need 8 of them for the quest Graverobbers.
You don’t have to get all 8 before we continue, there are more Rot Hides later that drop ‘em.

After completing the Doom Weed quest and having killed 8 Rot Hide Graverobbers, run further north-east until you reach a farm. It’s called Garren’s Haunt. When you’re there, make your way to the middle of the farm and keep and eye open for Rot Hide Mongrels, you need to kill 5 of ‘em for Graverobbers quest, these are also in the northern part of the farm, kill every Rot Hide there if there’s no more Mongrel’s or when you haven’t got all Embalming Ichors yet.

When done with both you have completed the quests Graverobbers and Doom Weed.

Then move to the north of the farm and kill Maggot Eye, a mob that can be found in the house there at (58,30), he’s level 10 so he should be solo-able. Loot his Maggot Eye’s Paw and thereby complete the quest Wanted: Maggot Eye.

Go north until you hit the coast, start killing the Vile Fin murlocs there and grin them until you’ve got 5 Vile Fin Scales for the A New Plague quest.

Then walk/hearthstone back to Brill.

When in Brill turn in the quest Wanted: Maggot Eye at Executor Zygand outside the church. This made me level up to 10.

Level 10:

Enter the Townhall, a.k.a. church, and turn in Graverobbers at Magistrate Sevren.

Accept a new quest, Forsaken Duties but don’t get the other one yet.

Go outside and get to the Alchemy House, there turn in A New Plague at Apothecary Johaan and get the follow-up A New Plague.

Note: The quest reward Slumber Sand might come handy on difficult mobs to solo later, so keep it.
Don’t take the other quest yet.

Go to Brill Graveyard and turn in Doom Weed at Junior Apothecary Holland.

Walk back to Brill and get your class skills. Plus you can spend your first talent point now.
From your class trainer also get your class quest.

Sell/Repair and Prepare for new round!

After that, I did the following: Go to the other camp which is located at (65, 60), there, turn in Forsaken Duties and get the follow-up Return To The Magistrate, also get the quest Rear Guard Patrol. Now head east along the road until you reach Balnir Farmstead, (75, 60). When there, start killing 8 Bleeding Horror and 8 Wandering Spirits for the Rear Guard Patrol quest.

After you’re done with that quest, you’ll go north up the hill and to the Scarlet Outpost (79, 55).
Get east of the tower and kill 5 Scarlet Friars and Captain Vachon in the tower.

In the tower Captain Vachon has a Scarlet Friar as guard, he heals, so I used the Slumber Sand, quest reward from earlier, to sleep the Friar.

After finishing the quest go east to a area called Venomweb Vale, start killing the spiders to get the 4 Vicious Night Web Spider Venom’s from them.

I leveled to 11 when killing the spiders.

Level 11:

Then I got all the 4 Venom’s.

Hearthstone back to Brill.

Turn in:

At War With The Scarlet Crusade at Executor Zygand.
Return to the Magistrate at Magistrate Sevren.
A New Plague at Apothecary Johaan, get follow-up A New Plague.

Go to Gallows’ End Tavern (The Inn) and go to the basement, there turn in A New Plague at Captured Mountaineer.

After doing that, move out of the Inn and go south-east back to the other camp and turn in Rear Guard Patrol at Deathguard Linnea.

Now I’m going to try to solo my class-quest, you do so too.

Don’t worry if you can’t solo this, it’s not that easy, I didn’t succeed in it either, look for a group to do it then and if you can’t, continue to do other quests first further along the guide and try to find a group while questing.

So I went to Agamand Mills.

In the north-east part of Agamand Mills kill 8 Wailing Ancestors and 8 Rotting Ancestors.

After you’ve killed all of those, enter the Agamand Family Crypt in the north.

Go down whole the way and kill Dargol and loot his Dargol’s Skull.

Leveled 12 on fighting my way out.
Didn’t level yet? Grind the mobs outside until you do.

Level 12:

After that I went outside and killed all mobs there until I was about 5 blobs into level 12.
Then I walked back to Brill and turned in my warrior quest and Agamand Herilooms, followed by Heirloom Weapon which you can turn in immediatly. Also I turned in Family Crypt.

Then I went to train skills and Sell/Repair.

Now go to the far north-east until you are somewhere around the Scarlet Monastery.
The mobs there are level 30+, don’t try to attack ‘em.

When yer at (81, 39) take the left road.

Follow it and kill all Scarlet mobs on the way while you go to the tower at the end of the road.
The place you’ll enter is called Scarlet Watch Post.

Inside the tower there’s 2 Scarlet Bodyguards and Captain Melrache, it shouldn’t be hard killing them solo.

When done with them, hearthstone back to Brill and turn in the quest At War With The Scarlet Crusade at Executor Zygand.

Sell/Repair, and get the following quests:

Delivery to Silverpine Forest from Apothecary Johaan.
The Prodigal Lich from Magistrate Sevren.

Now go south and follow the blue arrow on yer minimap until you reach Undercity.

Go to the magic quarter and turn in The Prodigal Lich at Bethor Iceshard.
Accept the follow-up The Lich’s Identity.

Go to the Innkeeper and make Undercity yer home.

Now run back to Brill.

From Brill go north-east until you reach a lake called Brightwater Lake. Swim to the island in the middle and loot the The Lich’s Spellbook (67, 42) from the bigger island, called Gunther’s Retreat.

And off to Undercity we go. Magic Quarter again and turn in The Lich’s Identity at Bethor Iceshard, get the follow-up Return the Book.

What I did now was doing the quest Investigate the Scourge of the Undercity, but that quest is seasonable, I’ll give you some grindin’ spot later to get the experience I got for the quest, which is 525.

Now, get back to the Brightwater Lake and back to the Gunther’s Retreat island and turn in Return the Book at Gunther Arcanus.

Accept the follow-up Proving Allegiance, then “use” the Crate of Candles next to him and complete the quest Candles of Beckoning.

Move to the south-west until you reach the smaller island next to Gunther’s Retreat. When on it, kill the mobs on the island. It’s mostly just 2 or something, nothing to worry about.
Then, “use” Lillith’s Dinner Table in the middle of the island. Complete the quest The Dormant Shade and a level 12 mob named Lillith Nefara, kill her and (if you want to, it’s not neccesary) loot her quickly, because her body will dissapear. Then go back to Gunther’s Retreat and turn in Proving Allegiance at Gunther Arcanus. This made me level 13.
You haven’t leveled here yet? Grind the undead mobs around you until you do!

Level 13:

Accept the follow-up, The Prodigal Lich Returns. Then walk back to Undercity and turn in The Prodigal Lich Returns at Bethor Iceshard in Magic Quarter.

Congratulations! You have completed the first part of this guide.
Now ye can do some Ragefire Chasm, it’s an instance in Orgrimmar.