Dreadsheath's Ultimate Guide: Sunstrider Isle (1-7)

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Welcome to my guide to Blood Elves. This Guide will give you details on how to do Sunstrider Isle FAST. Here I will get you from your measly little level 1 up to 7.Well, lets get started!

Part 1:Making the right choice
Before you even begin playing you will have to think about the class you want to be. My Idea of the classes are below:
Paladin: hard

I chose rogues because that is my type of class and it suits me. you can choose any, just take the chart above as good reference.

Part 2: Sunstrider Isle
When you begin you will find yourself near a few buildings. Before you begin fighting, search around the area for as many quests you can find. I like to call this quest rounding. A good group of quests you should have are:Reclaiming Sundstrider Isle, Unfortunate Measures, Solonian's Belongings, The Shrine of Dath 'Remar, Aggression, and Thirst Unending. If you want you can also get A fistful of Silvers to finish it off easily.
First start with Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle. If you have a fistful of silvers and Thirst Unending you can do these all together. Walk over to a mana wyrm. You may have noticed you have Mana Tap and Arcane Torrent in your action bar along with the basic abilities. walk up to a mana wyrm and mana tap it. it will come straight for you. kill it and loot it. you should have 1/6 mana tap, 1/8 mana wyrms killed and hopefully a silver from looting it. continue until you have all that you need. Then go back to the quest givers to get some new stuff and some xp.While you're doing all of this you can go and try to finish Unfortuanate Measures by killing Lynxes in the area.
Now go down the road and head right. This area will help with Aggression, Shrine of Dath'Remar, and Solonian's Belongings. Kill a bunch of Tenders and Feral Tenders so you can get to the center. Get a bunch of Tenders out of your way and look on the ground for a scroll. if you see one, right click it. you now have a scroll from Solonian's Belongings. if you keep killing until the back of the platform you will see a statue in the distance, climb the hill up and keep walking until you find the Shrine of Dath'Remar. Read it and kill any tenders you need to finish the 2 quests. when you are done, head left by Lanathon Perilon. don't take his quests yet. keep moving until you see an area surrounded by more mana wyrms. shuffle through them and take an item on the ground. you now have the Journal. if you turn you can see past a road there is a small pond surrounded by a bunch of tenders. if you are a rogue, now is a good time to stealth. if you are a tank sort of type, bust through there. Mages and Warlocks have to hit them from afar. Priests need to call for friends. if you go around the pond there is a bridge. there is an Orb on it. take the orb. you now have all of the Solonian's Belongings. Go finish that quest and if you pass Lanathan Perilon, take all his quests.
By now you must have gotten some cash so go get some training from your trainer. When you are done, head down the road and keep going straight. walk onto the platform. by now you should have Feledren the Banished. Head up onto the first platform. Then go kill a bunch of the wriaths. keep going up and up and up. don't forget to loot them, they have a quest item you need. if you kill a Tainted Arcane Wraith and loot it will have Tainted Arcane Silver. When you take it, right click it and a quest opens up. take the quest and leave it be. kill all the wraiths you need, then head to the top and kill Feledren the Banished. He's a level 5 Undead. When you kill him take his head and carefully head down. DO NOT JUMP OFF. YOU WILL HIT SHALLOW WATER AND DIE. When you come down, finish the quest and go give the Tainted Arcane Silver to Arcanist Helion.When you are done, talk to Lanathan Perilon. He will give you Aiding the Outrunners. Head on the road to the left and keep going until you see a merchant on the other side of a bridge. talk to her. she tells you to go to a dying elf on the road. keep going straight. eventually you see a floating question mark in the air. look down and the dying elf is there. talk to her and go back to the lady from before. She tells you to go to Falconwing Square.

Thanks for Reading, Check out my Falconwing Square and Fairbreeze village edition (7-12)