Hellfire Penninsula & Zangarmarsh : 60 - 63

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General Info:

* Troll Hunter – BM spec – Level 59.5 @ start
* LW and Skinning - so I killed a lot of skinnables initially
* Solo PvE Player (casual) - I didn’t actively look for groups, nor did I instance at all to level 63.
* My starting equipment was mostly Blues, with epic Bow almost all of which was replaced with quest reward or drops by sometime early in level 62.

A few initial thoughts:

  • XP to next level is considerable. I thought 200k+ xp 59 to 60 was a bunch, 60 to 61 is 400k+ xp, but with the increase xp per kill and quest reward xp its not too bad
  • Drops here seem to be pretty substantial. Random Green Drops here will quickly obsolete your hard earned Blue armor from the old world.
  • My mortality rate was up. I probably died close to 10 times in the first ½ level here, including 3 times stepped on by Fel Reaver. It is an adjustment to level again in a completely foreign area, being somewhat underpowered and undergeared @59 didn't help. Of course I made some silly choices, got unexpected adds, etc….
  • Money is easier to make. I spent 40 to 50 G when I got there to upgrade LW, Skinning, 1st Aid, etc. I easily made that back in a short time, without including cash gains from drops sent to my bank mule for auction.
  • Flight Paths and Shattrath City. At some point if you haven’t already been, you are going to need to ride to Shattrath City. When you do, make sure to stop and get the flight path @ both Falcon Watch, Hellfire Penninsula and Swamprat Post, Zangarmarsh.
  • Faction Quest in Shattrath City and Hearthstone. Complete the faction quests from the Haggard War Veteran to the Faction Leader while here, its an easy 12100 xp. Also I recommend setting your Hearthstone here, since from here you get free portal to TB, ORG, and UC.

    The Dark Portal
    This quest series is a good way to start life in Hellfire Penninsula as it provides gold, xp, and some nice reward upgrades:

    1. Through the Dark Portal
    2. Arrival in Outland
    3. Journey to Thrallmar
    4. Report to Nazgrel
    5. Eradicate the Burning Legion
    6. Felspark Ravine
    7. Forward Base: Reaver's Fall
    8. Disrupt Their Reinforcements
    9. Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz
    10. Mission: The Abyssal Shelf

    Ride to the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands, pick up Through the Dark Portal
    from Warlord Dar'toon. Head through the portal, turn in the quest @ Lieutenant General Orion. Get the followup Arrival in Outland. Go speak to the wind rider master, Vlagga Freyfeather to complete this and get the follow-up Journey to Thrallmar. Take the flight to Thrallmar (nice of Blizz to spot us a flight path) and report to General Krakork, who is drilling troops near the your landing. Turn the quest in and pick up Report to Nazgrel, who is waiting in the Barracks. Speak to him and pick up Eradicate the Burning Legion.

    *** Now is a good time to set Hearthstone to the Inn here and take a good look around. I believe most all profession trainers are here, so go get new recipes and such. Stock up, if you are already 60 the food and drinks here are significantly better. Rohok Grand Master Blacksmith up the hill by the forge can repair. (Thanks to Rappa for the heads up on this). ***

    Felspark Ravine
    Head east out of Thrallmar , just outside the fence is Sergeant Shatterskull and the supply caravan. Occasionally flaming boulders and some Infernal Warbringers will rain in but they don’t actually agro you, so no worries. Talk to Sergeant Shatterskull and get your first killing mission, Felspark Ravine. Heading further east a few hundred yards and you should see the MOBs to complete this quest. None of them hit too hard, though you will have to deal with multi MOBs to get the Flamewaker Imps as they are in a 3 MOB chain with 2 Imps + Heckling Fel Sprite. The only add MOBs are a few Starving Helboars and the ever present ?? Fel Reaver, which gives no warning it is approaching and its ‘crush’ was dropping 3400+ damage on me at lvl 60, so once he aggroed me I was an easy 2 hit kill. Return to the good Sgt. for turn in, acquire a new weapon and get the followup: Forward Base: Reaver's Fall.

    Thrallmar – Additional Quests
    Head back into Thrallmar and pick up these quests:

  • Bonechewer Blood - Vurtok Axebreaker
  • I Work... For the Horde! - Megzeg Nukklebust
  • A Hasty Departure - Far Seer Regulkut

    Heading south out of town toward the Path of Glory, you will quickly find many 58 – 59 Bonechewer MOBs to kill along the edge of the ravine that drop the Blood. Also there are many salvaged wood and metal parts scattered about this area for the gathering quest. The only issue I had here was the add potential from 60 – 61 Helboar and the Marauding Crust Burster that runs a route up and down parallel to the ravine ridge. Upon completion, return to Thrallmar and turn in these quests and get the followup: Apothecary Zelana, do not get Burn It Up... For the Horde! at this time.

    Reaver's Fall
    Head out east on the road, pass the watch tower and turn north. The Base is @ 65,43 and Apothecary Zelana has the ability to repair. Locate Forward Commander To'arch and turn in Forward Base: Reaver's Fall to get Disrupt Their Reinforcements. Heading further east you will find the Portal Xilus is at 70,45 and the Portal Kruul is at 74,38. You need 4 Demonic Rune Stone which drop from the area MOBs to activate the primer and disable the transporter. You need to be a step into the portal to disable it. Upon completion, return to Reaver’s Fall for turn in and pick up the next step: Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz which begins a couple of fun quests. Put the provided bombs (Seaforium PU-36 Explosive Nether Modulator) on your toolbar for easier use. Speak with Wing Commander Brack by the Wyverns and he will get you in the air, where you will need to use the targeting circle to aim and drop bombs on the main transporters. No pressures here, you have unlimited bombs and rides to get it done. In this quest and the following, your flight path is predetermined, so don’t try to steer in the air. Once you finish joyriding, speak with Forward Commander To'arch and get Mission: The Abyssal Shelf. This is same procedure only much more to hit, each flight lasts about 90 seconds, and this can be repeated as many times as you want for some fun. I tried 3 times and never did hit all the required targets in one pass. Turn in the quest and an grab Return to Thrallmar , then speak with Apothecary Zelana to turn in the quest of same name. She will then give you Spinebreaker Post, so grab a free wyvern ride from Wing Commander Brack to Spinebreaker Post.

    Spinebreaker Post
    Once you land, pick up the flight path and take a look around. You can repair here, as there is a Bowyer – Hagash the Blind, also great for us bow hunters as he sells arrows. When you find Apothecary Albreck turn in Spinebreaker Post. When you find Grelag turn in A Hasty Departure.
    Pick up these quests:

  • Boiling Blood - Apothecary Albreck
  • Preparing the Salve - Grelag
  • Make Them Listen - Emissary Mordiba
  • The Warp Rifts - Ogath the Mad
  • Wanted: Worg Master Kruush - Wanted Poster on entrance pikes

    Head out north toward Zeth’Gor (from now on looking for Hellfire Spineleaf plants to collect) and kill Bleeding Hollow MOBs to collect the required blood (12) for use in the Cursed Cauldron [65,71]. You need to clear the area around the cauldron prior to boiling the blood since each blood is boiled individually it takes some time and a wandering patrol can be deadly. As a bonus, when you start boiling blood it triggers the spawn of a group of Cursed Scarab which can be quite annoying. I found that standing back, I could send in pet on spawn, and while he occupied them I could process 2 – 3 additional blood boils before some eventually starting nipping at my heels. Also, this method seemed to prevent more from spawning with each subsequent boiling. Clear the spawns and check the area clear, then rinse and repeat until you have all the Boiled Blood. Finish up the plant gathering and head back to Spinebreaker Post and turn in both quests and get the follow-ups: Apothecary Antonivich and Investigate the Crash.

    Head west out of Spinebreaker toward the Expedition Armory to kill the Unyielding Knights [8], Footman [12] and Sorcerer [6]. The Knights patrol the area and have a charge which will stun and call for help as they die, while the Sorcerer tend to be in amongst the central buildings. If you complete the kill list and A Mysterious Tome has not dropped, continue killing Unyielding Knights until it drops (4% rate), then head back to Spinebreaker Post. Activate the Tome to receive Decipher the Tome, then talk to Althen the Historian to turn that in. He will then give the follow-up: The Battle Horn. Also, speak with Emissary Mordiba to turn in Make Them Listen. Rest - Repair - Restock.

    *** At this point I started tracking time and XP for the sessions. ***

  • Start : 3.5 hr + 174k XP
    The Battle Horn
    Head back toward the Expedition Armory, staying south of the Footman to the wall and then skirt the east wall south until reaching an opening to pass through, either that or you will fall of the edge of the earth literally. Another marker at the opening is a couple ghosts making some serious noise digging a hole or breaking rocks. Pass through the wall and you should see Lieutenant Commander Thalvos on a platform. I had to kill 1 Unyielding Knight before getting to him for an easy kill.

    The Warp Rifts
    Continue to fight west through the Expedition Armory, probably 4-8 more kills until you reach the Warp Fields. There will probably be a few [61] Voidwalkers milling about, clear an area around 51,83 and activate your Unstable Warp Rift Generator. This will cause the spawn of Unstable Voidwalkers, it seemed to be about 6 random spawns in 30 seconds or so, which means multi fights. You need to kill 3 to get the required Warp Nether .

    The Zeppelin Crash Site
    Working north toward 49,74, kill a few [60] Helboars until finding "Screaming" Screed Luckheed to turn in Investigate the Crash and pick up In Case of Emergency.... Also here pick up Ravager Egg Roundup from Legassi. Start picking up Zeppelin Debris you see from now on, head west then south around the Warp Fields toward Terrokar Forest at around 42,83 you reach ’Razorthorn Trail’. Pick up or kill [61] Razorfang Ravagers to get the [12] Ravager Egg . The [59] Razorfang Hatchlings do not drop eggs. Great LW quest as these MOBs drop Fel Scales. Return to Legassi for turn in and get follow-up: Helboar, the Other White Meat. Start killing all the Helboar in the area, when getting Tainted Helboar Meat use the provided Purification Mixture to produce Purified Helboar Meat. It seemed to work about half the time, the other times receiving Toxic Helboar Meat. Once you have [8] Purified Helboar Meat turn them in and get Smooth as Butter. Start out north through a few more Helboars into the ‘Valley of Bones’ to finish picking up Zeppelin Debris while moving up the west side and down the east side of the valley killing [59] Bonestripper Buzzards to acquire the [12] Plump Buzzard Wing. Return to Legassi to complete and get the nice +20 Stamina/Spirit recipe. Talk to "Screaming" Screed Luckheed to turn in your [30] pieces of Zeppelin Debris and add Voidwalkers Gone Wild. Go south to the Warp Fields and kill Rogue VoidWalker and Uncontrolled VoidWalker until obtaining the [10] Condensed Voidwalker Essence. Return to "Screaming" Screed Luckheed for turn in and pick up a nice trinket as a reward. Head back over to Spinebreaker Post and speak to Althen the Historian to turn in The Battle Horn and obtain the follow-up Bloody Vengeance. Talk to Ogath the Madfor turn in of The Warp Rifts and to acquire Void Ridge. Vendor, repair and restock.

  • This is an obvious break point, however I didn't think to record the time and xp info to here on this run.
  • Zeth’Gar

  • Bloody Vengeance
    Leaving Spinebreaker Post north toward Zeth’Gar at 63,77 is the isolated wooden siege tower with the Alliance Banner, blow the Unyielding Battle Horn here to spawn Urtrak. He spawns at the top of the stairs and two ghosts also spawn to help you out. This is a really easy 10k xp in 3 min quest, although I have seen a few posts where people failed, surmising they didn’t do sufficient damage for the kill, so I guess make sure you attack and don’t let the ghosts do all the work.
  • Wanted: Worg Master Kruush
    Fight your way into Zeth’Gar through the main rampart entrance and work toward the Barracks in the rear. On the left just before the second rampart in front of the Barracks is the Stable with Worg Master Kruush and two named worgs that die pretty easily. Kill him and loot his head. Actually got a Bleeding Hollow Tormentor add and while putting him down Worg Master Kruush actually respawned (had to be <60sec), so killed him again for the loot: 5 silver (woohoo).
    Return to Spinebreaker Post and speak with Captain Darkhowl to turn in the Worg Master's Head. This will unlock Zeth'Gor Must Burn! and also allow you to pick up The Eyes of Grillok from Zezzak . Head over to Althen the Historian to turn in Bloody Vengeance and get the follow-up Honor the Fallen. Move out north – northwest in the direction of the Expedition Armory to the tower at 56,77 and find Commander Hogarth to complete. At this point head back and got a return flight to Thrallmar.
  • End : 3.5 hr + 174k XP

  • Start : 0.5 hr + 12k XP
    Shattrath City
    Ride to Shattrath City making sure to stop and get the flight path @ both Falcon Watch, Hellfire Penninsula - also the 1st Aid Trainer for 300+ is located here - and Swamprat Post, Zangarmarsh. Again you will have to make a faction choice, so you may check this comparison page. Find the Haggard War Veteran in the lower city, he will send you to A'dal in the Terrace of Light. Nearby is Khadgar who gives the quest: City of Light. Spend 5 min or so doing a walking orientation of the city and its lore, upon completion and it unlocks the Allegiance quest: Allegiance to the Scryers or Allegiance to the Aldor. Make a choice and then get the follow-up: Voren'thal the Seer for Scyer or Ishanah for Aldor. Now you have your own Inn and Bank in the city, lots to see here.
  • End : 0.5 hr + 12k XP

  • Start : 1.75 hr + 87k XP
    More Zeth'Gar then up to Void Ridge
  • Zeth'Gor Must Burn!
  • The Eyes of Grillok
    Work back toward Zeth’Gar killing Bleeding Hollow Peon to collect the Bleeding Hollow Torch they drop. Hang around the entrance area until an Eye of Grillok happens by, use Zezzak's Shard to capture it. This will cause you to glow an annoying green and I suggest just head back to Zezzak's cauldron in Spinebreaker Post and extract it to complete the quest. Grab the follow-up: Grillok "Darkeye" then had back to Zeth’Gar. Continue to work your way to the Forge in the north part of the base, as you need to light the torch at the forge before you can burn the buildings. You can light as many or as few as you want at a time, however the torches are on a 5 min timer. Once you are close to the building just chuck the torch and it will burn down. The Eastern Hovel is right next to the Forge, so light one torch and burn it down to get the feel of the process. During my run, a group was working the Worg Master over and a second Alliance group was milling about the barracks so it was not too difficult, but still a lot of killing. Location Information:
    1. Forge - 69,69
    2. Eastern Hovel - 69,70
    3. Stable - 68,73
    4. Barracks - 69,76
    5. Western Hovel - 67,76
  • Void Ridge
    Leaving out the northwest entrance of Zeth’Gar and heading northeast you will find Spinebreaker Pass, a path leading through the mountain to Void Ridge. Begin killing the Collapsing Voidwalker and Vacillating Voidcaller to collect the [40] Void Ridge Soul Shard to complete the quest. Note the Collapsing Voidwalker does about 1300 damage to anything (ie pet) within melee range on collapse + they can cast “Fear”, found them to be much tougher.
    Return to Spinebreaker Post and turn in the [40] Void Ridge Soul Shard at Ogath the Mad and get the follow-up: From the Abyss.
  • From the Abyss
    Return to Void Ridge and work your way to the south edge around 80,78 to the find the crystals. Activate your Warp Rift Generator and Void Baron Galaxis will spawn in with an add or two. I got one add, eliminated it and started plinking the Baron, twice he healed himself to full health, a medium tough fight. Loot his body to get the Galaxis Soul Shard. At this point I had another 7 Mote of Shadow so I stayed around to grind to 10, which can be combined into 1 Primal Shadow. Return to Spinebreaker Post. Turn in at Ogath the Mad and fly to Thrallmar.
  • End : 1.75 hr + 87k XP

  • Start : 0.5 hr + 28k XP
    Forge Camp: Magedden
    Head into the Barracks to see Nazgrel and turn in Return to Thrallmar. Get both quests he offers: Forge Camp: Mageddon and The Assassin. Head northeast out of Thrallmar to around 65,32 to find the Forge Camp. Do the killing, this is an add nightmare, on the bright side, Razorsaw has a short respawn, a circular path and is an easy kill, actually popped him 3 times while finishing the [10] Gan'arg Servant kills. He also should drop Burning Legion Missive which is the start of Vile Plans. Head back to Thrallmar and see Nazgrel for turn in of Forge Camp: Mageddon and get the follow-up: Cannons of Rage. Standing right next to him is Magister Bloodhawk, speak to him to complete Vile Plans. Head outside the Barracks and find Martik Tor'seldori and get Falcon Watch from him.
  • End : 0.5 hr + 28k XP

  • Start : 0.75 hr + 67k XP
    Falcon Watch
    Fly to Falcon Watch and report to Ranger Captain Venn'ren for completion of Falcon Watch. Note you need to use the Orb of Translocation to reach him. Pick up quests: The Great Fissure and Report to Zurai. Find Falconer Drenna Riverwind and pick up Trueflight Arrows. Start out of Falcon Watch following the path north you will quickly find many Bonestripper Vultures in a circle just north of the path. Start killing, working in a circle non stop I only twice got multi aggro, both times I was being lazy about pulling. Work them until they have dropped the [8] Bonestripper Tail Feather . Continue up the path, cross the main road still heading north on what appears as a small trail until you see a wooden rampart on your right. Veer left around corner of the hill a bit to 33,43 and you should see corpse of Krun Spinebreaker to complete The Assassin and receive A Strange Weapon.
    Return to Falcon Watch and turn in Trueflight Arrows, then fly back to Thrallmar . Report to Nazgrel to complete A Strange Weapon and get the follow-up: The Warchief's Mandate which is turned in at Far Seer Regulkut . He will then give you the next step in the chain: A Spirit Guide.
  • End : 0.75 hr + 67k XP

  • Start : 0.75 hr + 65k XP
    Forge Camp: Mageddon and Invasion Point: Annihilator
    Head out of Thrallmar to Forge Camp: Mageddon [65,32] and knock out [3] Fel Cannon MKI . Return to Thrallmar and turn in Cannons of Rage @ Nazgrel and get the follow-up: Doorway to the Abyss. Head north out of Thrallmar then go west around the Forge Camp and continue up the hill to Invasion Point: Annihilator . Skirt around the hill staying to the right and clearing all the way to the back of the camp at the top. From the back you should be able to pull Warbringer Arix'Amal and solo him. Don’t get right on the cliff edge, he has some version of a Thunder Launch that will bounce you. Once killed loot the Burning Legion Gate Key . Clear a path to the Portal, step in and use the key. Need to be ready, the repop rate is ridiculously fast for everything in the area. Head back to Thrallmar for turn in and pick up Cruel's Intentions.
  • End : 0.75 hr + 65k XP

  • Start : 0.25 hr + 15k XP
    Burn it up for the Horde
    Move out of Thrallmar to the other side of the Path of Glory and look for 2 siege tank looking things at [61,52] and [55,54] and use the supplied Flaming Torch to destroy them. Return to Megzeg Nukklebust in Thrallmar for turn in.
  • End : 0.25 hr + 15k XP